Master Adobe Lightroom with This Course

Adobe Lightroom has long been the industry standard image editing application, used by millions of photographers around the world. Lightroom's ease of use, together with the endless possibilities it offers, will leave you wanting to start taking more photos right away!

On this course, you will learn the fundamental skills in Lightroom. The course covers both versions of the application: Lightroom CC, which is a cloud-based application and used primarily on a mobile device or laptop) and Lightroom Classic CC, which is the desktop version of the software, essential for anyone looking to become a professional photographer. 

You will start learning the foundations of Lightroom, covering topics such as capturing photos, organising, developing and local adjustments. 

You will then move onto more advanced topics such as exporting, working with catalogs, libraries, maps, Photoshop integration and more. 

By the end of the training, you will be editing your images like a pro.  

What's Included

Here's what you will get when you purchase this course

  • 8 Hours

    You will have access to 8 hours of top quality, on-demand training videos.

  • Training Files

    You can download all of the exercise files used during the training, including projects.

  • Lifetime Access

    Learn at your own pace and take as long as you need. Access this course forever.

Course Outline

Here's what you'll learn in more detail

  • 1
  • 2
    Getting started
    • Installing Lightroom
    • Migrating to Lightroom CC
    • Importing photos into Lightroom CC
    • About the DNG format
  • 3
    Capturing photos with Lightroom CC
  • 4
    Organising photos in Lightroom CC
  • 5
    Developing photos in Lightroom CC
    • Cropping photos FREE PREVIEW
    • Adjusting exposure
    • Using the Tone Curve
    • Adjusting colors
    • Color Mixer
    • Black & White
    • Working with Effects
    • Split Toning
    • Sharpening and Noise Reduction
    • Optical corrections
    • Geometric corrections
    • Using presets
  • 6
    Local Adjustments in Lightroom CC
  • 7
    Exporting photos from Lightroom CC
    • Saving photos
    • Presenting photos
    • Sharing photos
    • Editing with Photoshop
  • 8
    Working with Catalogs in Lightroom Classic CC
    • What is a catalog? FREE PREVIEW
    • Using multiple catalogs
    • Backing up catalogs
    • Catalog settings
    • Using Smart Previews
    • Fixing missing photos
    • Exporting photos as catalog
    • Useful keyboard shortcuts
    • Preferences
  • 9
    Importing photos into Lightroom Classic CC
  • 10
    Library Module in Lightroom Classic CC
    • Navigation FREE PREVIEW
    • Catalog panel
    • Folders panel
    • Comparing photographs
    • Labels, Ratings and other Flag status
    • Filtering photos
    • Working with Collections
    • Quick Collection
    • Creating Smart Collections
    • Face-detection
    • Assigning Keywords
    • Working with Keyword Sets
    • Painter Tool
    • Synchronising metadata
    • Keyword List
    • Metadata panel
    • Quick Develop
    • Synchronise settings
  • 11
    Develop Module in Lightroom Classic CC
    • Develop module overview FREE PREVIEW
    • Using Presets
    • History panel
    • Creating Virtual copies
    • Synchronise changes
    • Auto Sync feature
    • Working with the Histogram
    • Shadow and Highlight clipping
    • Adjusting contrast
    • Auto adjustments
    • Tonal Curve
    • Setting White Balance
    • Adjusting saturation
    • Clarity
    • Black & White conversion
    • HSL panel
    • Split toning
    • Sepia effect
    • Crop Tool
    • Spot Removal Tool
    • Red Eye Tool
    • Filters
    • Adjustment Brush Tool
    • Sharpening and Noise Reduction
    • Lens Corrections
    • Transform panel
    • Effects panel
    • Dehaze
    • Camera calibration
    • Soft proof
    • Profile Browser
    • Editing videos
    • Exporting videos
  • 12
    Map Module and Exporting photos from Lightroom Classic CC
  • 13
    Photoshop and Lightroom Classic CC integrations
    • Preferences
    • Editing photos in Photoshop
    • Opening photos as Smart Objects
    • Merge photos as panorama
    • Merge photos as HDR
    • Retouching photos
    • Creating photo montages
    • Sharpening photos
    • Camera Shake Reduction
    • Creating tilt shift effect
    • Creating bokeh effect
    • Puppet Warp tool
    • Liquify filter
  • 14
    Impress your clients with Lightroom Classic CC
    • Creating photo books
    • Creating slideshows
    • Creating web galleries
    • Creating photo prints
    • Finding inspiration
    • Selling photos on stock sites


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