Master Adobe InDesign with This Course

Adobe InDesign is the industry standard page design and layout application. Designers all around the world use InDesign to bring their layout ideas to life. With InDesign, you can create publications, eBooks, digital magazines, brochures, flyers, and interactive online documents. 

With this masterclass, you will learn the foundations of this intuitive design application. 

This course will take you from knowing nothing or just a little about Adobe InDesign, to a level where you can confidently create your own documents. You will start learning the basics such as creating a document, preferences, navigating inside a document, using Adobe Bridge, working with frames, working with pages and formatting text. 

You will then move onto some more advanced topics such as layout design, compositional techniques, working with styles, advanced text features, handling assets, working with long documents, printing, working with interactive documents and more. 

This InDesign course will also prepare you for the official Adobe Certified Associate (ACA) exam, which you can take at the end of your training. 

This course is up-to-date with the latest version of InDesign CC 2021.

What's Included

Here's what you will get when you purchase this course

  • 10 Hours

    You will have access to 10 hours of top quality, on-demand training videos.

  • Training Files

    You can download all of the exercise files used during the training, including projects.

  • Lifetime Access

    Learn at your own pace and take as long as you need. Access this course forever.

  • Quizzes

    Test your skills and knowledge with quizzes at the end of each chapter.

  • Support

    If you have any questions about what you've learned, our instructors will be there to help.

Course Outline

Here's what you'll learn in more detail

  • 2
  • 3
    Working with Frames
    • Image Frames FREE PREVIEW
    • Placing images
    • Links panel
    • Resolution of images
    • Techniques with image frames
    • Text Frames
    • Importing text
    • Text frame options
    • Working with Frames Test
  • 4
    Working with Pages
  • 5
    Formatting Text
  • 6
    Designing the Layout
    • Lines and Rules
    • Drawing shapes FREE PREVIEW
    • Drawing Tools
    • Working with Swatches
    • Special Swatches
    • Working with Effects
    • Blend Modes
    • Grids and Guides
    • Align and Distribute
    • Designing the Layout Test
  • 7
    Compositional Techniques
  • 8
    Mastering Styles
  • 9
    Advanced Text Features
    • Find/Change and GREP FREE PREVIEW
    • Fixing common typographic mistakes
    • Bulleted and Numbered Lists
    • Multi-Level Lists
    • Footnotes and Captions
    • Working with Tabs
    • Creating Tables
    • Formatting Tables
    • Data Merge
    • Advanced Text Features Test
  • 10
    Handling Assets
  • 11
    Long documents
    • Creating Table of Contents
    • Table of Contents settings
    • Text Variables and Markers
    • Smart Text Reflow FREE PREVIEW
    • Creating a Book file
    • Fixing copy and exporting book
    • Long documents Test
  • 12
    Preparing for Print
    • Proofing colors
    • Flattener Preview
    • Proofing copy
    • Exporting a PDF
    • Saving a Package
    • Preparing for Print Test
  • 13
    Interactive Document Formats
  • 14
    CC 2018 New Features
    • Size and Position settings
    • Paragraph Border
    • Endnotes
    • Text Assets in CC Libraries
    • Improved Font Selector
  • 15
    CC 2019 New Features
    • Enhanced Visual Font Browsing
    • Convert Footnotes & Endnotes
    • Content-Aware Fit
    • Adjust Layout
    • Import PDF Comments
    • Space Between Paragraphs
  • 16
    CC 2020 New Features
    • Finding Similar Images
    • SVG File Support
    • Variable Fonts
    • Column Guides
  • 17
    CCC 2021 New Features
    • Content-Aware Wrap
    • Share for Review
    • Locate Colors in Find/Change
    • HSB Color Swatches
    • Recovery as Service
  • 18
    • Creating Your Portfolio


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